I will teach you to become a local SEO Master

teach you to become a local SEO Master

About This Gig

Whether you are an intensely hard working marketer who has been in the business a long time and has already enjoyed some measure of prosperity, or a beginning marketer wondering what you have to do to make your business work - then you are going to really appreciate the content I have put together in SEO and Relationship Building for Local Businesses.

This is because there have been more than a few changes when it comes to the fine art of search engine optimization in the past few years.

IF you are not aware that times have changed, then it is definitely time for you to catch up and update yourself on what works best when it comes to SEO, or you are going to end up in the same fix I did about a year ago...

My wake-up call was brutal and unexpected ...

Suddenly, after making money every week with my website, I started making a few bucks a week.

The bottom fell through my world!

What happened?

Quite simply - everything changed! The attitudes towards the internet and e-commerce changed. And Yahoo, Google, Lycos  changed the way they gave site content credibility. And consumers changed the way they viewed the websites!

This is your opportunity to change too!

And get paid handsomely.