I will prepare a VaR analysis of your financial portfolio and correlations for $5

/ 3 Days On Average

About This Gig

Send me your current financial portfolio, including all holdings and I will prepare for you a detailed, backed by 1-year historical data, VaR analysis and securities correlation between each other. VaR analysis is critical for your portfolio risk management and no professional investor run his/her investment without knowing exactly the maximum possible loss related to the current holdings. Not only that, I will also give you a detailed securities correlation table, so you'll be able to see easily and conveniently what securities moves (generally) on the same direction. this data is crucial for you and will be best for to analyse the risk of your chosen investment. This is your money, don't except not knowing the risk involved in it!
Today, banks, investment firms and financial institutions are committed by law to run the exact VaR analysis that I'll deliver you. If it's good enough for them and for the financial regulator, it will be perfect report for you. Be a smarter investor, have your current portfolio VaR analysed. basic VaR analysis will be up to 5 securities.