I will do a full chakra reading and balancing with reccomendations

do a full chakra reading and balancing with reccomendations
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Description Targeted Energy Healing Full Body Energy Healing Full Energy Healing with Reading
  This package includes a targeted healing and reading focused on a particular issue or body part. This package includes a full body energy healing and intuitive reading. This package includes a detailed intuitive reading to heal blockages from birth to present.
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About This Gig

As a Medical Intuitive, Herbalist, and Sound Healing practitioner I offer distance energy healing, shamanistic soul retrieval, and full body intuitive readings. Many times we will find that pain and discomfort in the body manifests first in the energetic body. By addressing energetic blockages, past traumas, and imbalances we can facilitate healing and prevent future manifestations of illness. 

Basic Package
  • Energy healing for a specific issue.
  • You will receive a summary of your reading via email.

  • Full body energy healing and reading. 
  • Chakra reading of major blockages or imbalances requiring attention.
  • You will receive a summary of your reading via email.

Premium Package
  • During this session I will do a full body scan, energy healing, and complete chakra reading.
  • You will receive a detailed summary of your energy body. I will offer one revision to this healing session to further address questions that were left unanswered.

Upgrade from Standard to Premium
If you purchase the standard package you can upgrade to premium to receive a full chakra reading at a later date. If you plan to upgrade later, you must indicate this when purchasing your standard package.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is shamanic healing?
    The wounded healer is an archetype for a shamanic trial and journey. The shaman has often had to first heal themselves, and then they are able to aid others in healing through altered states of consciousness.
  • What is soul retrieval?
    Often during times of extreme stress or trauma result in soul fragments. A soul fragments is when a piece of our soul is frozen in time or stuck in a certain pattern of emotion or distress. Soul retrieval is the process by which a shaman retrieves these fragments of self returning them to the whole
  • What are the 7 Chakras?
    The chakra system is an ancient system for understanding the energetic components of the body. Through the chakras we can understand how the mind and soul relate to and manifest in the body. See attached files for further information on the chakras.
  • Why do I need to submit a photo or physical description?
    A photo is preferred so that I may call upon and access your energy more easily from a distance.
  • What is a medical intuitive?
    A medical intuitive is a person who has developed the ability to see or perceive the energy bodies of others. By sensing the energy centers of a person and identifying any imbalances or stuck energy, a medical intuitive is able to facilitate in personal growth and self healing abilities.