I will deliver the email PERSUASION secret

deliver the email PERSUASION secret
deliver the email PERSUASION secret

About This Gig

What If You Could Write Emails That...

  • Excite the world about your projects?
  • Fill your inbox with replies yearning to know more?
  • Get you hired?

Hi. I'm a professional copywriter.

Whether it's five-figure vacations or exciting new business software... I write words that bring in orders.

Why hire a copywriter? Because when I do it, you're about ten to a hundred times more likely to make a sale with every email you send. That, my friend, means my work pays for itself fast.

You may have started figuring out all the lucrative ways you can use my service... But wait!

What if I show you how to get fantastic results yourself?

Yes, I'll give you template emails you can use right now. I'll also teach you:

  • The 7 elements of a successful email
  • How to write impossible-to-ignore subject lines... and give you 34+ proven winners you can steal
  • The #1 secret of "cash machine" emails
  • How to tell people what you want them to do... so they actually do it

Some people charge thousands for this kind of info. Here, it's just $5. Buy now, and I'll also include a web copywriting ebook.

This is a zero risk offer!  If you aren't satisfied, just say so and I'll refund your money.

(resale/exclusive rights not included.)