I will deliver a SALES letter template guaranteed to sell anything

deliver a SALES letter template guaranteed to sell anything

About This Gig

The "Secret Weapon" Sales Letter Template from a Pro Copywriter

  • Draw customers like paperclips to a super-charged magnet

  • Sieze your readers by the jugular and glue their eyeballs to the page

  • Take your client's doubts and fears and worries -- and gently demolish them with a wrecking ball

  • Then -- galvanize, explode, and electrify your customer into a frenzy of buying action!

Simply fill in the blanks with information about what you sell.... and your sales letter is done.

This sales letter template gives you:

  • 2 different headline styles for maximum "pull" even if you have no writing experience

  • Universal template that fits both "high impact" consumer sales & "all business" B2B markets

  • 1 little-known item that shatters the competition and multiplies your "perceived value" in a nanosecond

  • The 3 points you can ethically and legally add to testimonials to super-size their persuading power

  • 2 calls to action that send your customer scrambling for the "BUY!" button

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