About This Gig

If you are looking for a high quality Spanish voice over,  then this is the gig for YOU!

I'll voice your 150-word script and produce it to a professional standard. For longer scripts, simply book the appropriate number of gigs and check out my extras!

Do you need this in 24 hours or even less? Add one more gig!

#1 This Gig does NOT involve transcribing or translation. You should give me the text in Spanish. If you need these extras, please check my other gigs.

#2  When I record messages for answering machines or similar, I will deliver ONE FILE with all of those messages. If you want me to separate the messages into single files, please ADD 1 gig for every 10 messages. If on top of that you want me to name them, add another one. Although it is not difficult to do this, it is a VERY time consuming task!
#3 If I need to read numbers in a chart, each number I say counts as a word. For instance $0,99 -> This would count as 6 words (Cero coma noventa y nueve pesos) Bear this in mind when you order.

Basic Gig

60 seconds or 60 words, whatever comes first.

3 days delivery
0 Revisions
  • Words up to 150