I will erase His or Her LOVE For Anyone

erase His or Her LOVE For Anyone
erase His or Her LOVE For Anyone

About This Gig

Is your loved one falling for someone else? Do you want your crush or ex to not feel attracted to their lover anymore? Is your husband or wife showing signs of attraction towards others?

It is possible to detect brain activity of love and attraction towards an aura and telepathically remove them from a person's brain.

Note: This will in no way effect them negatively neither will it have any side effects.

We have been doing this professionally in Austria for the past 78 years.  I learned from my father the secret to reading and manipulating brain waves. He is considered the best mind reader in Europe. My family's clientele includes several high profile celebrities and leaders. If you would like to directly access my father's services please check my gig on my profile which I specially made for people who would like it.

For a $5 gig I will remove the brain waves associated with an emotion/memory which will soften the impact. To significantly lower the impact check gig extras.

Note: Brain waves from an emotion/incident is spread throughout the brain therefore it is not possible to completely erase a memory but significantly lower the effects (almost by around 90%)

Order Details

3 days delivery unlimited Revisions

Basic cleanup of negative emotions

I will do a basic clean up of neagtive emotions around your image in their mind