I will enable You to USE More Than Ten Percent Of Your Brain

enable You to USE More Than Ten Percent Of Your Brain

About This Gig

Majority of humans on earth can only use less than 10% of their brain cells. This means that the majority of us never realize the full potential that we are capable of achieving. Imagine the things you could achieve by using the remainder 90% of your brain power. You can not only think faster and smarter but also more creatively.

Through application of telepathic science & method, it is possible to make a telepathic connection with a brain to clear out the blocks and re-align the brain passages which allow for a more efficient movement of brain waves.

This ability is a family trait inherited at birth from my father, a man who is considered by many to be the best mind manipulator in Europe. For over 78 years, my family has been providing these unique services in our native Austria. These services have gained us the prominent clientèle of celebrities and statesmen.

With any of my clients, no matter how famous, complete discretion and confidentiality are paramount.

Check out the FAQ for details on the procedure, time lines and details about the extras.

Order Details

Cleanse blocked zones

Will unblock the most common blocked zones to increase the speed of thoughts

3 days delivery unlimited Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you connect to a human brain?
    Like your fingerprint, your brain is unique using which a telepathic connection with your brain can be made. For analogy, a cellphone can be connected to by dialing its number. A connection with the brain remotely is made using scientific apparatus specifically designed for this task.
  • What is done after the connection to the brain is made?
    After the connection is made the blocks in the brain lobes are identified and cleared. A block is a collection of dead brain cells which accumulate in narrow spaces and hinder the flow of brain waves through the 4 lobes which are Frontal, Parietal, Occipital and Temporal.
  • Would you feel anything during the procedure? Is there any chance of anything going wrong?
    It is a completely non-intrusive procedure and you will feel absolutely nothing during the entire procedure. Also this is completely safe and has no side effects. It has been performed in thousands of cases and not a single case has experienced any kind of discomfort or problems.
  • When will you start noticing the increased capability of your brain?
    You brain has not used the blocked passages for decades and therefore it will take some time to re-direct brain waves through these unblocked passages. The exact time frame varies for everyone. On average you will start seeing visible difference in 2 months and complete changes in 4-6 months
  • Are the effects and results permanent?
    Yes. If you continue to have a high engagement with your brain, like involving yourself regularly in activities which specially use your brain like learning languages, studying for exams, writing codes, doing work which use your intelligence then the blocks will not form again.
  • What is offered in the basic service?
    In the basic service the commonly known blocks in each lobe are removed. More than 98% humans have these blocks therefore the location and nature of the brain waves is well known. The process take anywhere between 1-3 hours.
  • What does the gig extra customized block removal do?
    Your entire brain is scanned for possible blocks in all the four lobes are identified. After which each block is individually cleaned. This takes anywhere between 8-12 hours to do and the make the brain almost two to three times more powerful compared to if you used only the basic service.
  • What does the gig extra brain Wave re-alignment do?
    The brain lobes through which information flows offer convoluted paths to slow down the flow of information. One way to increase the flow of information is to carve out faster paths by aligning your brain cells in an efficient manner. This doubles the amount and speed of information flowing through
  • What does the gig extra permanent block removal and alignment do?
    This is the above two extras combined however the difference being that there is no possibility of the blocks forming again after the clean-up even in absence of brain intensive activities. The procedure to do this involves additional measure taken after regular unblocking and realignment.