I will make your brain UBER powerful

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make your brain UBER powerful
make your brain UBER powerful

About This Gig

Scientific studies have shown that people are only able to use 10% of their brains and never exploit the full potential of mind power at our disposal.

Imagine the things you could achieve with more of that brain power. You could learn things faster at twice the rate of normal people and you would be able to think more creatively and out of the box.

How do you ask I do it? I alter the brain waves to remove mental blocks from a brain and align the waves to achieve maximum efficiency.

Note: This will in no way effect them negatively neither will it have any side effects.

We have been doing this professionally in Austria for the past 78 years.  I learned from my father the secret to reading and manipulating brain waves. He is considered the best mind reader in Europe. My family's clientele includes several high profile celebrities and leaders.

If you would like to directly access my father's services please check my gig on my profile which I specially made for people who would like it.
For a $5 gig I will offer a 15 minute session to alter your brain waves for faster learning. If you would like to unlock a lot more potential please check gig extras.

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Cleanse blocked zones

I will clean the most common blocked zones found in your brain

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