I will read the Mind of Your EX

read the Mind of Your EX

About This Gig

Does your ex still miss you? Are they still in love with you? Have they moved on?

Through application of telepathic science & method, I have honed my ability to read anyone’s deepest thoughts. This unique skill is involves specifically being able to connect with the brain waves of anyone in the world & interpreting the patterns as cohesive thoughts.

With careful study I have developed telepathic skills to achieve consistent results. Use my services to determine the motives of others, & to answer any questions you have.

This ability is a family trait inherited at birth from my father, who is considered by many to be the best mind reader in Europe. For over 78 years, my family has been providing these unique services in our native Austria. These services have gained us the prominent clientele of celebrities & statesmen. With any of my clients, no matter how famous, complete discretion & confidentiality are paramount

Please note: I reserve the right to decline requests which are illegal or improper. If you are interested in telepathically transmitting messages, please see the gig extras. One question per gig, please order gig multiples if you have more than one question.

Order Details

3 days delivery unlimited Revisions

Mind Read your ex

Read the mind of your ex to tell you what to answer your questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is telepathy and telepathic messaging safe?
    Yes, all forms of telepathy and telepathic messaging are safe to both myself and the subject. Telepathic interaction is a subtle form of brainwave interaction and does not have a negative effect on the persons involved.
  • Do your services really work?
    Telepathy is a field backed by science with proven results. My services provide consistent results and in many cases my clients have confirmed my readings with the target.
  • Does the target feel anything when their mind is being read?
    No it is totally a non-intrusive process and the target will never realize that his mind is being read.
  • What do you need to read a mind?
    To connect with a person’s brain I need their basic information like their name, city and if possible their photographs.