I will write effective Radio commercials for your business

Eshoars was always quick to respond to my questions and he delivered a professional and effective radio commercial.
Reviewed by zeestout 16 days ago
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An amazing seller. Very, Very easy to work with. I will be using him again. So very happy I chose him. Thank you Eric.
Reviewed by jennmartinez563 2 months ago
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Eric is the real deal. This is by far the best experience I've had on Fiverr! Eric understood what I wanted and delivered even more. I hope to work with Eric for years to come! Thank You!
Reviewed by assetlock 12 months ago
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Great Job, nice any easy to work with and listens to your feedback...
Reviewed by hvacrsupplynow about 1 year ago
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This dude is the real deal, he delivered our order in 3 hours. You read that right. 3 hours!
Reviewed by chenning51 over 1 year ago
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write effective Radio commercials for your business
write effective Radio commercials for your business

About This Gig

Let's face it, carnival barking ads don't make consumers want to buy from your business. The "wall to wall, ceiling to floor, get it out the door sale" messages only bring business from the least loyal consumers - the people who only shop you when you have a sale and will drive fifty miles to save three bucks. Yet most businesses spend a lot of money trying to lure these people to their stores.

Stop it.

I have nearly 30 years of experience in media and marketing and create vibrant, effective, relational messages for my clients. If the lifetime value of a customer or client matters to you, then I can write engaging commercials that will create mindshare that will, in turn, lead to marketshare.

Offered exclusively on fiverr!

Check out my voiceover gig and you can hire me to record the commercials I write for you or can voiceover other scripts you supply me.