I will completely rewrite your document in proper English

completely rewrite your document in proper English

About This Gig

Whether it's fair or not, people will judge you by the quality of your writing. You simply cannot hope to market to an English-speaking audience if your writing is not itself the finest. It is a common problem facing entrepreneurs who grew up with a primary language other than English that when they attempt to write documents for advertising or sale to the American, Canadian, British, and Australian markets, they find that their work simply is not refined enough to appeal to their target demographic. That's where I come in.

What I am offering here is not mere proofreading, and it is not even basic editing. I am here to completely rewrite your document, from the ground up, in proper English that will delight those who have spoken and read the language all their lives, and make your product look like the professional work that it is. My rate is $5 per 100 words.

This service isn't cheap, but neither are real, quality English writers. I am a professional freelance writer with a BA in Creative Writing, and I write for a living. If you know that your product has the potential to succeed, but you also know that your English writing isn't the best, please contact me. You will not regret it.