I will send you Reiki or Cosmic Energy for $5

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send you Reiki or Cosmic Energy
send you Reiki or Cosmic Energy
send you Reiki or Cosmic Energy
send you Reiki or Cosmic Energy
send you Reiki or Cosmic Energy
send you Reiki or Cosmic Energy

About This Gig

Hello Beautiful Soul!

I am glad you found me! I have a lot of experience with distance healing work, as I usually work remotely with my clients. I am honored to channel these beautiful healing energies for you.

I perceive Reiki as soft, light and gentle -- exceptional for releasing emotions, clearing the mind (welcome "aha" moments!), and helping with minor physical issues. 

Cosmic Energy is a Russian energy healing system that works like a "sledge hammer" compared to Reiki;) And sometimes, you DO need a sledge hammer, right? Cosmic energy restores emotional and mental balance very quickly (sometimes within minutes - I've seen it happen!) and gives you immediate clarity and insights.

During our remote session, I will channel these energies for you:

  • Magic: bright white light with electric sparks (protective)
  • Love: red/bright pink light (harmonizing)
  • Earth: very strong magnetic blue energy (cleansing)

WANT MORE GUIDANCE? Check out my gig on chakra balancing.

 +4 sessions  - for more serious health issues (talk to me before ordering)

Clarity & Joy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you do discounts for multiple orders?
    Yes! I usually recommend 10 Reiki sessions for more complex issues and health problems. I discount this to $30 for 10 sessions.
  • What is the best energy for my situation?
    Please, inbox me describing your issue and I will recommend the best energy and also the number of sessions!
  • Do you do Reiki for situations and not just health issues?
    Yes - I do Reiki for situations - this work usually requires multiple sessions. Inbox me to discuss your specific situation!
  • I have a complex health issue - would Reiki work for this?
    Inbox me to discuss how many sessions you would need. I usually recommend 10 sessions for more complex health problems (5 days of Reiki, 2 days break (to assimilate energies), and another 5 days of Reiki). Then after 1 week break, you can come back for another 10 sessions if needed.
  • How does distance energy healing work?
    Distance energy healing is based on the notion of oneness - that there is no time and no space. The energies are channeled by the healer to the client remotely through visualization and sacred symbols that bridge the illusion of time and space.