I will write an ENTICING blurbs for your fictional book

write an ENTICING blurbs for your fictional book
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About This Gig

A blurb, which is the description of a book, is an author’s shot at introducing their story to their readers.

Evidence has shown that, oftentimes, an author is the worst person to write their blurb because they’re too emotionally invested in their book. Therefore, it is recommended for most authors to employ the assistance of someone else, who has an objective eye to capture the essence of that story. I am willing to be that objective person that will make your blurb enticing and attractive. As an author myself, I promise to do my utmost best to write a captivating blurb that will hook your target readers.

Please note that I do not write blurbs for non-fictional books.

Please provide COMPREHENSIVE answers to these questions in doc format as you order:

1. Write your best attempt of a blurb.

2. Describe your main characters in one sentence each (Protagonist and Antagonist).

3. What is the main conflict of the novel and how does it relate to your main characters?

4. Genre.

5. What is the setting of the novel?

6. What is the consequence of not solving the main conflict?

7. Anything important that you think might draw in the reader.

Order Details

One blurb.

Deliver one compelling and captivating book blurb of up to 200 words for your fictional book.

  • Up to 200 Words
  • Commercial Use
4 days delivery 2 Revisions