I will accurately Predict Your Time Of Death

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accurately Predict Your Time Of Death

About This Gig

Our time here on earth is seemingly short, but many people would like to know how short it is, to fully utilize their time left.

I would like to open by saying that death is not the end,
it's an initiation of the beginning, so do not fear for the date.

Many would argue, but we are fortunate to know that one day we will all die, and that leaves us with a lot of time to accept our faith.

Predicting someone's death is not hard for anyone who is doing it, as it is a gift you are born with, but don't necessarily bring up to everyone you see, even though the knowledge is there.

This is exclusively for people who seek the truth about their destiny,
and if you want to know when the next chapter of your soul begin, then you have come to the right place.

**Not recommended for people that struggle with any mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, repetitive motion disorder etc**