I will cast a bodychanging weight loss spell

cast a bodychanging weight loss spell

About This Gig

Are you gaining weight and you don't quite know what to do ?

Maybe you feel un-motivated or simply can't find the time.


Many people don't know that a lot of the weight we gain can be related to an incident that is bound to your soul from a previous life.

I'm here to help those who struggle, cause gaining weight can cause a lot of emotional distress and it puts a great burden on your self-esteem which in many cases can't be restored.

If you are ready to lose weight, then you came to the right place.


I will cast an old ancient weight-loss spell which will only help those who have a pure and honest soul, so be completely honest with me and explain in details how this makes you suffer.

I will then call the spirits to get rid of these problems for you, so that you and the people close to you can focus on enjoying life without having this great burden.

I recommend taking some time to think about this before you make a decision, cause spells are very hard to reverse.