I will cast a house cleansing spell

cast a house cleansing spell

About This Gig

If you feel a constant presence in your house, someone staring at you or trying to reach out to you, then you are most likely dealing with a trouble soul that has not yet managed to cross over to the other side. Our soul cannot move on if life ended before its time, or if someone treated you wrongfully resulting in your death.


Spirits as mentioned does not know that they are dead, so any appearance you were to make in what is now your home, is stepping on their territory and they are simply showing a defensive behavior that can be quite scary to a light heart.

I will guide these spirits and communicate with them to give them a better understanding and self-awareness, so that I can help them move on to the other side and give you and your family a relief from the spirit from the past that is bound to the house.

The spirits will feed of the energy in your house, and many people report feeling depressed and constantly tired, this is because a spirit puts an emotional and physical strain on the person near them, and these issues will vanish with the spirit.