I will cast a POWERFUL Spell of Clairvoyance

cast a POWERFUL Spell of Clairvoyance

About This Gig

!!Only for those with pure intentions and fascination for the human mind, with a passion for developing a deeper understatement of surrounding people to help them with issues and struggles they have in life!!

Let's address the first question most people always have.

"Will I be able to read peoples minds like a clear image in my head?"
Yes & no, and I will explain.

Everyone at some point in their life experience déjà vu, some more then others, and it is something that lays within us all that if not triggered, its true powers will never reveal itself.

If you often feel left out of situations in life or simply do not comprehend them, it might be due to some mental block which are preventing you from seeing the situation in a bigger picture, and draw the right conclusions at the right times.

I will enhance your ability to sense energy fields which will make you instantly aware of peoples outer and inner emotions, so you can approach them with knowledge.

With this mental enhancement you can help a lot of people in your life, do NOT use it to manipulate people for your own personal benefits.

!!The last addon is required for this gig!!