I will remove a soulbound curse

remove a soulbound curse

About This Gig

Your soul becomes a part of you when you are born, but the soul isn't born with you, so depending on where it came from is going to play a major role in how your life is going to evolve.

The soul you possess could already come with curses from previous lifes, the most frequent one is depression and not being able to achieve the things you want in life without quite knowing the reason why.

today we have doctors who take advantage of the curses by prescribing highly addictive medication, which will only keep you running in circles while the curse continues to grow.

I will break the curse and remove any harmful spirit that is possessing you through spell-casting, and luckily with curses there are many different approaches to scare them away.

A curse will only feed on those who let them, and the more evil they can make you consume the better.


If you are ready for a change in your life then you are in the right place, but think about it carefully before deciding to do so, and be completely honest with me when you explain the problem you are having.