I will coach you to attract the LOVE of your life

coach you to attract the LOVE of your life
coach you to attract the LOVE of your life
coach you to attract the LOVE of your life

About This Gig

If you have been trying to create a fulfilling love relationship for a while now and you have been failing again and again, I'd like to help you make a turn in the right direction.

I've heard from a lot of singles who are having a difficult time finding marriage-minded dates, figuring out who is a good match for them, how soon to get intimate, etc. They are jumping from one relationship into the other hoping this time it will be different. Only to end up heart-broken and frustrated. Others don't even dare start a new relationship.

After hearing about so many people's struggles, I created the step-by-step coaching program 'Attract Your Ideal Life Partner'. And I want to invite you to take advantage of a strategic coaching session for just $5!

During this one-on-one conversation we will work to:

  • Create a clear vision for the partner you'd like to attract in your life and the relationship you want to co-create together
  • Uncover hidden challenges that are sabotaging you from attracting this person into your life
  • You will leave this session inspired to turn your life into a fulfilling journey that will enable you to attract and keep a great person.
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Order Details

7 days delivery

Love Coaching Session

1 coaching session delivered via Skype

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In what languages do you coach?
    In English and Bulgarian
  • How do you do the coaching sessions?
    Via Skype video conversations or any other program allowing video talks like Facebook Messenger