I will post 10 Comments on your Facebook page

post 10 Comments on your Facebook page

About This Gig

Does your business rely upon you marketing yourself as a trusted name? 

Are you a naturally shy person who is trying to come out of your shell into our new social world? 

New friends will think you were born this way. 

I will shine my light & give you the attention you deserve, leaving 10 positive/appropriate Facebook comments + 10 likes. I READ your posts and reply to each one as if truly interested. The posts will look authentic. Real FB profile used.

Say goodbye to long foreign names and short basic English that doesn't make sense! I use high quality USA/CAN accounts, and as you can probably tell, I'm pretty good at English lol. I also know how people generally respond to things online.

 I can leave replies on your ENTIRE page or just a specific post.

You can write the comments yourself if you prefer. And I will have them posted appropriately.

Just send me your FB Link after clicking order :)

Note: *Your Facebook page needs to be COMMENT READY. This means, you cannot havelimitations set to "friends-only". Fan pages and business pages are fine. This is mainly for personal pages.

Order Details

6 days delivery