I will transcribe and Deliver in 24 Hours or Less Transcription Service

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transcribe and Deliver in 24 Hours or Less Transcription Service

About This Gig


Why Order Transcription From This Gig:
- Fast - Delivery is 24 Hours or Less
- Reliable - Our transcribers have experience of 5 years or more
- Accuracy is Ensured - HOW? Two transcribers work on your audio or video files: First transcriber transcribes your audio or video, then 2nd transcriber (senior transcriber) proofreads and edits transcription
- Accuracy of transcripts are usually 98% and above
- Strict Confidentiality - HOW? Please read FAQ below

- 15 minutes for only $5 - Delivery is 24 hours Guaranteed
- If your order is more than 15 minutes, please order via the Gig Extras below
- Delivery is 48 hours or less for files more than 15 minutes. If you want 24 hour delivery for orders more than 15 minutes, please send me a message including the file you'd like transcribed so we can discuss and for me to send a quote or offer.

Thanks and Have an Awesome Day!

Order Details

1 day delivery

Transcribe Up To 15 Minutes

24-Hour Delivery GUARANTEED. If your order is more than 15, please order through gig extras below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I send the audio or video files?
    You can simply attach the audio or video files after you placed the order on Fiverr's messaging platform. If your files are too large to be attached you can use Dropbox or Google Drive and then message us the link after you placed the order.
  • What format will the transcripts be delivered in?
    Delivered transcripts are in Microsoft Word format with file extensions .docx or .doc.
  • How many speakers are allowed in the basic order?
    We allow up to three speakers. If your order will have more than three speakers, please message us first before placing an order.
  • How can you keep my files strictly confidential?
    We have our own dedicated server where clients' files are stored and where all of our transcription tools are embedded into. No one can access our server unless through the computers in our office. Clients' files are automatically deleted, immediately after transcription is completed.
  • Can you explain your delivery time frame? How can I make sure my order will delivered on time?
    15 minutes or less orders will be delivered in 24 hours or less (Guaranteed). Anything more than 15 minutes up to 60 minutes will be delivered in 24 - 48 hours. If your file is more than 15 minutes and wish it to be delivered in 24 hours, please send us a message so we can discuss about it.