I will play your song on my Rock Radio Station

Great Work!
Reviewed by petjon001 6 days ago
Great experience, thank you so much!!! I´ll be back soon again!!!
Reviewed by pr_delft_music 20 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by mark909 about 2 months ago
Super fast communication and awesome experience, will be back.
Reviewed by prsplayer86 about 1 month ago
AMAZING WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewed by thembones2015 about 2 months ago
Wow...absolutely superb job done....top notch #1. This seller is very professional......great communication, customer service, and great results. I look forward to doing a lot more business together. Thank you so much. Rick
Reviewed by rico63rocket 3 months ago
I like this service. Very smart, communicative, and effective. Many stars here.
Reviewed by sandyrapp 3 months ago
I did this gig because I want more exposure for our new EP. So I am doing everything to get that done. I found these guys and they worked out. All good.
Reviewed by gigadth 4 months ago
All good here. Song a-spinnin' as we speak.
Reviewed by sandyrapp 5 months ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by memphis86 7 months ago
Very responsive, this Everstart19. Good service here and I'm looking forward to the airplay.
Reviewed by sandyrapp 7 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by shazamofhtown 7 months ago
Thank you for your service to the indie community !
Reviewed by edwoodruff 8 months ago
Fantastic job done. Thank you so much. Rick
Reviewed by rico63rocket 8 months ago
Hopefully I will get to hear my song on their station.
Reviewed by thedustwarrior 8 months ago
Excellent work, communication and professionalism.........
Reviewed by janetann77 9 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by tiffanygaines 9 months ago
Great work!
Reviewed by ahager 9 months ago
play your song on my Rock Radio Station

About This Gig

**PLEASE READ GIG CAREFULLY** This gig will get your song guaranteed spins on my Unsigned Rock, Punk, and Hardcore Radio Station. Indie Rage is a stream licensing affiliate station which means if your song is registered with Sound Exchange, ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN, or SESAC you will get royalties for your spins on our station. I reserve the right to decline to play a song and will send a mutual gig cancellation if the song doesn't fit the criteria. This gig secures you guaranteed spins for your song! You must be a Rock, Punk, or Hardcore artist.  Choose your song promotion campaign with the number of gigs you purchase: 1 gig= 10 spins,  2 gigs= 25 spins, 3 gigs= 35 spins, 4 gigs= 45 spins, 5 gigs= 55 spins, 6 gigs= 65 spins, 7 gigs= 75 spins, 8 gigs= 85 spins, 9 gigs= 95 spins, and 10 gigs= 120 spins. Visit our station site to get a feel for our station www.IndieRage.com.  At the end of your promotion I will send you screenshot confirmation of the total spins of your song and what day and time it played.

NOTE:  The FCC U.S. law 47 U.S.C. § 317 (payola) applies to the over the air stations that the FCC regulates.  The FCC doesn't regulate internet radio.