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send an anonymous email for you

About This Gig

I will send an email to someone for the purpose of exposing the truth or reveal a secret or whatever information you would like to share.The content can be up to 1000 words.  It cannot be illegal or threatening and if you are not sure, please contact me first with content.  It will not be traced back to you and picture attachments can be added for $5 each. I use a completely anonymous service (no gmails or yahoos) that has servers in a different country.  I will send the target email with a blind copy to you (if you desire to be copied). I will show proof of email sent and any read notifications which is why I added a few days so that we can give the target time to open the message. If a reply is received, I will share it with you.

Your identity and information is safe with me.  Please check your spelling before sending the content.

Many use my service to expose cheating spouses or communicate secrets to news outlets. Let me help assist you!

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5 days delivery

Send an Email for You

Send 1 Anonymous Email to a Target. Nothing Illegal and up to 1000 words.