I will hand out and post 5 flyers with PROOF in carlsbad, ca we got the beach and shops

Great job. Thanks.
Reviewed by philapcgreeting about 3 years ago
Thanks. We posted the images to the Surfboards Etc blog.
Reviewed by surfboardsetc over 3 years ago
Looks good!
Reviewed by battleofwits over 3 years ago
Thanks for posting the flyers near where people will see them and for the photos. I just may use you again.
Reviewed by philapcgreeting over 3 years ago
Thanks. My son, dil and grandson live in Carlsbad... I'm wondering if they'll see these. :)
Reviewed by ettwein over 3 years ago
Great job!
Reviewed by theqrnews almost 4 years ago
Thanks! Great job!
Reviewed by pamperedpawgift almost 4 years ago
thank you, very quick service!
Reviewed by more_1988 almost 4 years ago
This guy deserves an A+.He showed me more than enough proof pictures and video! There is no second guessing this man. If you need your flyers done this is who you go to. It was worth the wait! I will be going back to him for more business!
Reviewed by fiverpays almost 4 years ago
Thanks - Good Luck
Reviewed by seofvr almost 4 years ago
I requested to have them posted before the 7 day delivery time, and that was granted. ,Quick and detailed provider, he makes sure of everything you want before the job is done. Look forward to working with you in the future. 5/5
Reviewed by tehrolo about 4 years ago
Great job.Thanks lets do another,ok.
Reviewed by ghollowayss about 4 years ago
hand out and post 5 flyers with PROOF in carlsbad, ca we got the beach and shops
hand out and post 5 flyers with PROOF in carlsbad, ca we got the beach and shops

About This Gig

I could literally walk on my yard and see those beautiful California beaches. This place is booming with the younger generation trying to cater to this rich luscious high income area. A perfect opportunity arises for any business wanting to get tech savvy people looking at their establishment or media. Whatever the need, the people all love living here and helping others. I always try recommending at least a mixture of all three, where I take a set of thirty to each area or start stacking sets at each location. I will also make sure to take photos. Flyers will be printed in black and white.