I will add your banner ad on my 3 targeted websites

add your banner ad on my 3 targeted websites

About This Gig

This basic gig is for you to place your 125x125 banner ad on 3 preschool & children's educational websites for 7 days for $5

Gig Details:

  • Website ad banners are displayed across approx. 430 pages give or take using our banner ad rotators. Ads set to distribute evenly. Low banner cue means your ad is displayed even more.
  • Approx. 25,000 unique visits a month
  • Approx. 70,116 page views monthly

Traffic Impressions:

@ 150,000 impressions monthly give or take.

Website demographics are mostly women, families, or people (mostly female) who have or teach young children.

This gig is great for people looking to target offers to:

  • Women
  • Stay at Home Moms - (Moms)
  • Families
  • Females
  • Preschool Teachers and educators, students
  • People with preschool children, kindergarten children and young kids.

**Gig extras below for different ad sizes and times

These ads are for advertising purposes leading people to your offers, affiliate links,email lists etc.

*I will provide you with all web addresses of the websites so you can see your ads as they appear. *You can request a custom offer as well for additional banner sizes