I will write an excellent RECOMMENDATION letter

write an excellent RECOMMENDATION letter

About This Gig

I have decided to pick up my HR experience for the benefit of those who need an excellent,outstanding and convincing recommendation letter.

I understand that sometimes the person to recommend you might be having a hard time doing that, or you are not sure they'll be able to add a hook.

Some schools and many jobs require letters of recommendation, which can prove quite difficult if you don't have anyone to ask or if you are not sure if the recommendation they give will be a good one.

What if you're the one who needs to write a recommendation letter for someone but you're just stuck? 

Well, that's why you need a professional to help.

I will write you, or whomever you wish, a letter of recommendation. I will tailor this letter to highlight your most relevant accomplishments and effectively address any criteria needed.

If you also find my RESUME,COVER LETTER &LINKEDIN PROFILE service useful, you are always welcome!

Please note:

I do not write invitation letters for visas or passports.                       
I do not write personal letters of recommendation (from myself.)

Please contact me before you order


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2 days delivery

Recommendation letter

I will write an eye catching recommendation letter for you

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