I will send you my Quick And Easy Guide To Finishing Your Fiction Novel

send you my Quick And Easy Guide To Finishing Your Fiction Novel

About This Gig

From lack of time, resources and inspiration to a whole lot of procrastination and, in some cases, lack of confidence, there are any number of reasons why we haven’t finished our novels.

Sometimes the plot, idea, hook and storyline are all there, swimming around our brains like family we’ve known our whole lives.  A lot of the times we’ve starting writing passionately and furiously only to find we’ve ground to a halt the minute we hit an obstacle we’re unfamiliar with.

Many authors are passionate about language, words, grammar and the actual process of constructing their book from word by word, line by line, putting the perfectly presented words together in a contender for the best seller list.  For others it’s all about the story, the characters, the scenes, the hook, the excitement, the build up, the finale - and they see every piece in cinematic detail every single time they think about the book.  Transferring all that data from brain to page can be a daunting process.

My answer? Let’s break it down.  To stop comparing ourselves to the might of today’s best-selling authors with multi-million pound publishing companies behind them.  

Let's get on with writing because we love it...

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Fiction Novel How To

I will send you a 30-page PDF ebook that will help you finish your fiction novel.

3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What format is the ebook?
    It is in PDF format, however, for an extra gig we can consider supplying in other formats