I will share Your Stuff Among 15Million FACEBOOK Users

share Your Stuff Among 15Million FACEBOOK Users

About This Gig

Do you feel that you are not known by the world.
• Your Blog or Your web page.
• Your photo stream
• Your Company
• Your Facebook page
• Facebook post

No it is not anymore

•  We are a member of groups which are famous around the world.
• Most of them are in the category of "world largest group".
• Each of them have members around 1.5lacks

You Can send us the URL Related to your Website, Photo stream, Blog, Facebook Page.

we ready to publish a banner, photo or anything with the LINK

•we can GENERATE the QR Code(A graphical code which is unique to your URL, it can be detected by a QR Scanners and

directly access to the link) related to your link.

•we publish the LINK(URL) or the Banner(or Photo) in FACEBOOK groups which have total 15m of members (and put the QR Code

as a Photo comment if requested.

•we will send you the screen shots where we published those Stuffs




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1 day delivery