I will aid you in creating Excel Charts and Spreadsheets

aid you in creating Excel Charts and Spreadsheets

About This Gig

I am an Business Analyst by trade, and a self-proclaimed Microsoft Excel Wizard.  I use Microsoft Excel (2010) everyday on the job as well as every chance I get away from the office.  I have even begun posting How-to Excel Vlogs on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/IExcelAndSoCanYou), but am now trying to raise money to pay for the non-trial version of the software I have been using.

What I Can do? 
Improve the look/feel/functionality/efficiency of an existing chart or spreadsheet
Supercharge existing sheets!
Data parsing
Data cleaning or tidying
Basic Data analysis/mining
Fix errors 
Write formulas
Explain how something works

What I LOVE to do? 
Designing time-saving tools which simplifies and automates much of the laborious data reporting process through:
*  Dynamic Tables/spreadsheets
*  Dynamic Charts/Info-graphics
*  Pivot-Tables

What DON'T I do? 
For security reasons I will not work with/on Macros or Macro Enabled Files.
I don't write VBA script
College assignments
Gathering base data

Order Details

7 days delivery