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help you understand the whole of creation
help you understand the whole of creation

About This Gig

I am an 82 year old male. When I was younger I thought the world was dull and angry at itself. As I grew older I found myself without family, friends, or loved ones, and so I decided to travel the world. As I went about my journey I found one simple fact of life that is embedded in everything we call life and that fact is joy. Intrigued with the idea of joy and human consciousness I began to study a plethora of subjects around the world my favorites being philosophy, spiritualism, and quantum theory. I have lived in high rise buildings and built a hut from scratch. I have dined in the finest restaurants and hunted with a spear made by own two hands. I have studied the worlds economics from friends in wall street and studied various religions.

Now that that journey has ended I have found myself alone at the end of it all wanting only to share what I have learned with others. Fiverr seemed like the perfect place to do so and earn a nice cup of tea and slice of bread in the process.

I am here for you. Ask anything. I will answer.

Ask as many questions as you like. One gig gives you unlimited questions, explanations, and answers, for as long as I live.