I will do a clarity and insight tarot reading

do a clarity and insight tarot reading
do a clarity and insight tarot reading

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Description One-Card Tarot Four-Card Tarot Reading 30 Minute Skype or Phone Reading
  Receive a 1-card reading via email to give you clarity and insight. Receive a 4-card reading (past, present, inner struggle and future) via email. Receive a 4-card tarot reading via Skype or Phone and discuss with me.
Delivery time 3 days
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About This Gig

With so many choices and unknown factors in life, it can be hard to find clarity and take steps forward.

I use the Osho Zen tarot deck daily, just like a meditation, to free my brain from its regular patterns of thinking. Some folks believe the messages sent via tarot are Divinely inspired. I think all things in life are gifts from the Universe, and tarot is a great way to tap into your natural intuition, clearing away the doubt and confusion. 

For any of the packages, I follow this process:
  • I ask that you tell me the topic you'd like me to focus on while I shuffle the deck, such as, love - business - health - family - success. You don't need to go into detail.
  • I take time to sage my space and meditate prior to doing your reading. 
  • I'll pull one card, or do the full four-card reading, and create a PDF for you with the insights. I draw at least one page of insight from even a one-card reading. 
  • If you purchase the Skype or phone package, I will contact you within 24 hours to set up a time that's convenient.
  • You can purchase additional feedback, or another card draw, (delivered via email) as an add-on, or 1-day rush service