I will format any bad looking text into professionally designed one


About This Gig

For 5$ only, i will format any text into a very professional document.

Different Services,  
  • You can send me a file with a format that you want me to imitate or tell me the way you imagine your file and i will convert your file into that format. 
  • Or You can Let Me Decide the best format for you your file, the best fonts, the most compatible Royalty-free photos, the most charming colors and etc.

Royalty-Free Photos,
► Designing any text requires High Resolution photos that makes it professional, ☼ i have 1 year of experience in this field which helps me to choose the best photo for the best position [see my other gigs]
►All the photos will be Royalty-free under the CC license. You will own all the rights to the photo, including editing, distributing and commercial uses.

Type of Text,
I Deal with any file that contain any data that can be written down, even photos, PDF, Audio & Videos and of course word.doc.

Why Me?
  1. If you want me to do some changes simply ask me and i will happily do it for Free No Extra $ for editing.
  2. 1 Year of Experience
  3. Fast Delivery.

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