I will analyze your keywords and offer easier ranking key phrases

analyze your keywords and offer easier ranking key phrases

About This Gig

Your web presence is no good if you do not have the right key phrases.  If you are trying to rank against high authority sites for front page visibility, you will be stuck on the sidelines.  You can use the Google keyword tool, but you can only learn half of the information you need.
I have a tool that will not only analyze your key phrases, it also displays the top ten sites on the front page with a keyword competitiveness score, so we can analyze the competition, and determine immediately if these key phrases will work for you.  The screenshot I have here shows wholesale picture frames as a niche. Based on the keyword competitiveness scores and the other metrics, we see that we can rank on the first page for this niche.  We use 30 as an easy rank metric.  Half of the entries are under 30, giving us a good shot to reach first page rankings.
I will give you five key phrases for $5 in this Fiverr exclusive.  Others may give you up to 100 key phrases, but without the right metrics, they may not be good enough.  Five key phrases are enough to rank and be at the front of the line!