I will promote GoFundMe or KickStarter or IGG Crowdfunding Campaign

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promote GoFundMe or KickStarter or IGG Crowdfunding Campaign
promote GoFundMe or KickStarter or IGG Crowdfunding Campaign
promote GoFundMe or KickStarter or IGG Crowdfunding Campaign

About This Gig

- Please do not order unless your campaign is live

If you have an IndieGoGo, GoFundMe or KickStarter Campaign, then you will need people to see it and know about it, if you want people to actually donate to it!
So in this service I will promote your Campaign on the biggest Social Media Sites for you where there are thousands of people that will see and know about your Campaign! All in a safe, professional & permanent way!

For a Fiver I will:
  • Tweet your campaign to 25K+ Followers
  • Re-tweet via 15 Accounts
  • Use #tags like #crowdfunding #indiegogo
  • Share YouTube Video, if any
  • Deliver in 24 hours

How does it work?
All I really need from you is your Crowdfunding Campaign project link. Within 12 hours I'll start promoting your campaign on social media sites. I will keep a record of all the posts I've created. After I have finished I will deliver this to you so you can see everything that was done for you. That's it!

DISCLAIMER: I can not guarantee donations/funding nor guarantee the outcome of any campaign. It's only for social media presence.

Order Details

1 day delivery

Basic Promotion Package

One Tweet and 15 Re Tweets

  • 1 Social Media Post

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I get donations from placing an order with you?
    There are no guarantee that anyone will donate to your campaign. I will do the promotion by posting your campaign link on my social accounts. I'm unable to control the actions of visitors & others.
  • What do you mean by schedule posts?
    For the number of days you choose, I will automate posts generating your link using a scheduling tool that will post to Twitter only once a day.
  • What is a Re-Tweet and Favorite?
    A Re-tweet is a sort of endorsement on Twitter. Though I can not control who will re-tweet your campaign (many people and bots are targeting #tags like #crowdfunding and #indiegogo). They will automatically re-tweet and Favorite the tweet.
  • Can posts be Deleted?
    No. The posts will never be deleted. The only time posts can be deleted, is when an order is cancelled immediately. I post at many different platforms and it would be near impossible to find all of the original and scheduled posts.
  • Will you provide proof of work?
    Yes. I will provide you with a detailed list of the tasks I performed in a txt, screenshots and links to posts that I posted for your campaign.
  • What if you have a network I do not wish to be posted in?
    Some people don't want their info on LinkedIn, etc. just tell me which network when ordering and I will not post there. If you tell me after ordering and I have completed the gig it will be too late.
  • Can you accept any Crowdfunding Platform?
    No. I will post INDIEGOGO or KICKSTARTER or GoFundMe Campaigns ONLY!