I will give you 50million EMAIL lists Mega Blowout

give you 50million EMAIL lists Mega Blowout

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Description 7million Emails 25 Million Emails 50Million Emails
  This is the best offer on the internet and here on fiverr.It is to run for 2months only! It is massive and divided into different niches This is a mouth watering offer that will last only for 2months.Also divided into niches
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About This Gig

TOTAL OFFER OF 50million addresses you cant get anywhere else!

Obviously here in your front is one of the best Gigs on Fiverr and even on the internet
Our LIST consist of txt and excel files loaded with sure addresses that will lead to massive response.

A lot of our Emails here are already divide into diverse categories for easy usage and targeted messages.

REMEMBER,the money is in the list.
And now here is the massive list a lot have been struggling for.A very large list to bring in prospects and customers.
The larger the list, the more potential customers you could have. 

That's why Im providing you with a huge data lists of email addresses. 
I will give dash you SEVEN million different email addresses for you, and mostly they come from first tier countries like USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

YES, 7` MILLION = 7.000.000 emails only for $5.

I will equally daze you with bonuses you cant resist, if you place an order TODAY!

  • Lis t Building Strategies That works
  • Easy to use email sender software.
  • 10,000 Articles you can call your own

Do Not Miss This MEGA GIVEAWAY.You may not see it here tomorrow! This is your Opportunity!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Email List ?
    An Email List is a complete database of email addresses exclusively. It is created with the aim of being a simple, economic and practical database which allows any company to easily find new costumers in all countries.
  • How are the databases compiled?
    Our data is constructed and updated through data collection, Network partners (Business of telemarketing, regional and sectoral portals) and 7000 Yellow Page and Business White Page Directories, Federal, State, City & County Government Data, Trade Associations , subscription sign ups & survey.
  • How is the Database formatted?
    The standard format is Microsoft Excel .xls format. & Notepad .txt files. Because of the size of the consumer data files, we have formatted them in .txt file format. which should be imported directly into an Access Database.
  • Are the mails verified?
    We are particularly honest in our work.There is no way to verify all addresses before sending them.An email can work today and not work tomorrow.But you can be sure that Percent available is more than 95%.
  • How can i Send Bulk Mails or Huge Number of emails everyday?
    Once you order from us, as part of the bonus i will teach you : How To Send Bulk Mails using a Free way and using a Cheap Paid Recommended Way that is guaranteed to send to Leads/ Customers Inbox
  • When did you compile your email lists.Are they not too old?
    We have more than 10000 Million Mails and that amount of mails will definitely take years to be gathered.Our Mails are extracted from the Internet since 2005 till This Year. Be assured that most of them will be working fine ,apart,age has nothing to do with availability.You can verify them online!