I will provide you with an online 360 degree leadership assessment

provide you with an online 360 degree leadership assessment

About This Gig

You will receive an online employee self-administered leadership assessment which enables you to self-assess, and collect online confidential feedback from your choice of ten different people who you have worked with in different roles. You control every step of the way. Only you have access to the data and results.

Employee Self-Administers – Controls Every Step of the Way
2. Option to Include Management Participation
3. Includes Employee Self-Assessment and 10 Multi-Rater Licences
4. Confidential – Anonymous – Secure
5. Stress-Free Insight
6. 5 – 10 Minutes to Complete - Based on 10 Proven Leadership Competency Profiles
7. Designed as a Developmental Tool for the Purposes of Continuous Improvement
8. Custom Dashboard for Employee to Manage & View Feedback and Reports
9. Meaningful Reports – Aggregated – Segmented – Real-Time – Actionable
10. Simple User Interface - Mobile Friendly
11. Narrative Comments
12. View Online - Share - Print – Save - Export
13. 100% Web-based software – You never have to install or update software, ever
14. Personal Leadership Development Plan Included
You have one year to complete the entire process.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why employee self-administered?
    Traditional 360s are a forced process that is initiated by a supervisor with little say or control from the employee. 1. The process dis-empowers employees since the feedback is mandated or forced 2. Employee has no control in choosing the questions or selecting feedback providers
  • What will your current or future employer think of you after you complete a 360 leadership assessment?
    Simply put, you will rise to the top of the pack if you complete your personal leadership development plan and show how you are taking proactive steps to develop yourself.