I will tell you how to increase your conversion by real user eyetracks

tell you how to increase your conversion by real user eyetracks

About This Gig

Only elements that are clearly seen by your customers have the chance to boost your conversion rate. The human attention span of an Adult on a website is 8 seconds. Everything that isn't seen in this time span won't geht even the chance to affect your conversion.

We will eye track your website or ads, via webcam with an unbiased internet user.

This is a completely new and revolutionary technology in the eye tracking sector. With our state of the art deep learning algorithm we can calculate precisely where somebody is looking on his monitor.

Our technology can be used for:

  • ad placement
  • usability
  • conversion of visitors to customers
  • design improvement

You will get
  • Heatmap:

Shows you on which part of the image the user focuses the most. It will help you identify what distracts users or which areas are avoided by the eyes of your customer.

  • Gazeplot:

Shows you which order the user sees your content and and for how much attention is payed on the different elements of your website or ad.

This will help you control the way your customers perceive your website or ad.

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