I will manipulate your photo to look like a piece of art

manipulate your photo to look like a piece of art
manipulate your photo to look like a piece of art
manipulate your photo to look like a piece of art

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Description Filters Only Filters Plus Expressive
  I will run the Photoshop filters on your photo Photoshop filters plus some hand editing for a more "real" look. I will play with the hues and saturation and add elements for a more modern, pop-art, artistic flair
Commercial Use
Commercial Use is the use of a delivery for any business related use intended for profit.
High Resolution
Your image(s) will be delivered in a high resolution suitable for printing. (Note: seller will be limited by the resolution of the original photo that you provide him or her.)
# of images
Seller will apply the same service to multiple files, up to the number defined.
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Delivery time 2 days 3 days 5 days

About This Gig

Have you ever wanted a painting of your favorite pet, loved one or object, (such as a car or motorcycle), but couldn't afford it?  Well, now you can have a novelty version of the real thing! 

Using Photoshop's filters and my own artistic talents, I can make your photo look like a painting (or artistic in nature - to be more precise).

Here's how it works:
You send me your digital image - I work my magic and send back a PNG (or Jpeg) of that same image but with an artistic flair!

This is great for a novelty gift to yourself or a friend or family member. It can even be used commercially in a print piece or online (as long as you are the rightful copyright owner of the image you provide me).

For the basic plan think of this as a quick and dirty job. I will run a Photoshop filter for you to make it look like a painting or piece of art.

In the second tier up, I don't just use a filter - I strategically adjust the contrast and other levels (and even combine filters) to get the best results.

And for the Premium version, I actually mess with the colors and contrast and other elements. This makes it even more unique as a piece of digital art.

You must be 18 and up to order this service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of images will you do or not do?
    The only images I won't do are images depicting hateful/racist subject matter, political imagery or depictions of illegal subject matter. Nudity/ sexuality is okay as long as you certify in writing that you are the owner / copyright holder of the image - AND have permission/authority as such.
  • Why don't I get any revisions or refunds?
    Art is subjective. To make an image "look like a painting" or "artistic" can mean one thing to me and another to you. You are paying for the novelty aspect of having your image altered, more-so that some expected outcome - hence the low cost to you.
  • Why do i have to be 18 and up?
    You must be able to certify in writing that you are the legal copyright holder/owner of the image that you send for me to alter. If there is nudity or sexuality involved, you must be 21 and older.
  • What image quality do you need to work from?
    I will make alterations to make your image look more artistic, I don't necessarily improve your image in terms of its quality - so whatever you send me in terms of quality will be what you get back. I.E. if it's dark it will be dark, if it's blurry, it will be blurry-ish, etc...
  • What size does my image need to be for you to do your thing?
    Generally speaking, if you want to print it out, the image should be 300 dpi / ppi (dots per inch / pixels per inch) - and probably no smaller than 3 inches. Otherwise it may be so small you may not notice the effects. If it is for the screen only (web) then it should be at least 72 dpi