I will fix your WordPress error or problem

fix your WordPress error or problem
fix your WordPress error or problem

About This Gig

Prices start from $5 per 10 minutes / $30 per hour - please contact me about your query first.

WordPress is a superior platform for website owners to efficiently publish content with minimum effort but with so many different themes and plugins made by countless different developers, things are likely to break and troubleshooting those issues can be overwhelming.

I will fix your site errors and problems or complete any task with my years of commercial experience and as an active contributor to the WordPress Open Source Project - from deploying websites and developing custom builds, plugins and themes, to debugging and optimising existing installations. Efficiently, correctly and permanently - with an explanation on why and what was done.

My average response time is 3 hours and errors are usually fixed within a few hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your availability?
    I, and my team of engineers working from our London office, are available 24/7 and we usually respond quickly to all queries regardless of what timezone you are in.