I will provide a comparative mortgage calculator


About This Gig

Compare multiple mortgage options in one simple spreadsheet! Choose between fixed and variable rate mortgages and compare total monthly, quarterly or annual payments. See how much total interest you will pay during the course of the loan. 

I will provide a bespoke, customisable spreadsheet to allow you to calculate the mortgage instalment and compare multiple mortgage options to help you choose the best one. View data graphically and in tabular format to check how quickly you are repaying the loan and how much you owe at any one point in time! 

The mortgage calculator features: 
- multiple mortgage options (2 fixed, 1 teaser + reset mortgage)
- fully customisable inputs (interest rates, duration, amount, deposit)
- quick snapshot of instalments, total repayment and total interest (as amount and percentage of original loan)
- data displayed in tables and charts
- bespoke options available