I will teach how to make PERFUME of awesome fragrance

teach how to make PERFUME of awesome fragrance

About This Gig

A Concise simple steps on how to go about Making Your Own Perfume Why is it that women love perfume as much as men love cars? There are some researchers who believe that a woman s reason for loving perfume is because of the pheromones their bodies produce. Often, certain scents or perfumes trigger the increase of how much pheromone a woman s body will produce.

I will be showing you ways of how to make your own perfume so that you can produce a scent which is particular to you, and unlike any of
those that you can buy either in store or over the internet.

WOW! Research has shown that you can actually make a 100 bottles of perfume for less than $300, and then, if you want, you sell them for up to $50 each just like that. Certainly some of the most profitable perfumes that are now available are ones which have not cost much to produce

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