I will pitch correct your vocals using Melodyne

pitch correct your vocals using Melodyne

About This Gig

About Me:

  • Masters degree in Musical composition
  • 10 years experience in digital audio production/restoration
  • 5 years extensive experience in film and game composition
  • Owner of a small recording studio in Multan Pakistan.

Nowadays everyone can be a good singer. If you are not no problem I'll tune your vocals to perfection. I do not do auto-tune but I do it manually using Melodyne Studio. 

What you'll get ($5):

  • — Pitch correction of vocals, guitars, and most any instrument (1 minute of audio tuned TO PERFECTION - done manually by hand with care and precision using Melodyne Studio)

Gigs Extra:

  • — Quantizing/Re-quantizing performances for perfect tempo adjustments
  • — Modification/Elimination of vibrato, formants 
  • — Transposition available (gig extra)
  • — Harmony (vocal and instrumental) created from melodic line (gig extra)
  • — Remove hiss and clean up your track to perfection (gig extra)
  • — Friendly Service

Please contact us to discuss your needs. We are here to help!