I will remove the vocals from a song

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remove the vocals from a song
remove the vocals from a song

About This Gig

I will remove the vocals from songs to create a high quality karaoke backing track for you to sing along to!

This is perfect for creating backing tracks for vocal performances, rehearsals, recording etc.

  • I can do most styles of popular music (pop, rock, RnB, Hip Hop, blues, indie etc.)
  • I can do home recordings, live recordings, choirs,  or TV/Movie themes or mono audio files.
  • I can sometimes do classical music, ethnic music, jazz and swing

             I don't only remove vocals using software but I also add missing instruments.


Send me the mp3 in a message (no youtube links please) and I'll deliver a sample of what it will sound like with the vocals removed- 

IMPORTANT- Send me the file first so I can access it.

ALSO IMPORTANT: I usually cannot 100% get rid of Backing Vocals or choirs.But If you want complete vocal less track I'l recreate the whole track.

EXPRESS GIG: 24 hour delivery guaranteed!

About Me:

Masters degree in Musical composition
10 years experience in digital audio production/restoration
5 years extensive experience in film and game composition
Owner of a small recording studio in Multan Pakistan.

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