I will cast a Break up spell

cast a Break up spell

About This Gig

Has some one ended your relationship and now you want revenge to end theirs?

Or Maybe someone stole your man or girl?

What ever the case is you can get this spell to break up a couple, marriage, friends and even relatives. DON'T WORRY MY MAGI IS SAFE IT WON'T HARM THEM AT ALL & NO BACK FIRE OR KARMA WILL COME TO YOU.

To break up a marriage please get the marriage extra.

Please note a basic $5 gig will NOT break a couple up it will only make them fight for a few days only. For best results please go with $25 & up.

I need parties Full complete names, Photos of both people, Birthdates, City & State of where they live. ALL THIS IS A MUST FOR SPELL CASTING TO BE SUCCESSFUL. THANKS

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