I will record killer guitar riffs and solos professionally


About This Gig

Does your song sounds Cliche, muddy or without any power? Are you ran out of ideas? You have good guitar riffs but no idea on how to add a solo on them? So I can help you with that and much more!*
*Styles: From Punk/Rock till the most evil and technical stuff you can imagine.

How? Check it out the services I can offer for you:

- Composing and transcription of the track on GuitarPro
- Recording professionally on ProTools (With 4 or 6 separated tracks for a better punch)
- Delivering separate stems (Clean and processed channels)
- Mixing over the song
- Creation of a HD video of me playing the song or solo

I have an experience as a musician for almost 20 years and playing in a Death Metal band for at least 10. I am endorsed by ESP Guitars, EMG Pickups and Wacken Foundation. Apart from that I am also a guitar teacher for about 7 years.

All the tracks will be recorded on a ESP KH-2 Ouija or a LTD V-401 powered with EMG´s 57/66 and always with new set of strings for each work.

Message me with your ideas and I will be glad in helping you out.

I can guarantee professionalism, attention and pleasant atmosphere.

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