I will be your Music Manager VIA Phone and Email

be your Music Manager VIA Phone and Email

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Description 15 minute consult or 1 Email Answer We make Full Detailed Plan Document Full 3 Month Campaign In ACTION
  Get a professional's view on your most pressing question Phone/Skype/Email get experts to solve everything about your image and what you will need for a signature brand. PDF I will make calls and we follow the plan TOGETHER to transform you to a star. See every step I take.
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About This Gig

There is a basic route that ANYBODY who wants success in music can take. It is not a game of chance. Of course luck and timing is a factor but rarely does that mean you post online and do a few shows before you are magically discovered. And you don't need tons of money to make it either, every situation changes what you need or don't need to move ahead. I don’t mean to sound harsh or brazen but, 15 minutes with me will whip these useless thoughts that hold back any starting artist or manager OUT of your head.

I decided to post my managerial services here as a way to test start my consulting firm. I’d like to do simple managing, you keep your ownership and percentage rights, I charge only per gig to build you. Most firms make money stretching how long it takes to do things and charge hourly or monthly rates. I will not bill you wasted time, instead we work per meeting and action at a fixed rate, speak easy to understand, won't move to next steps until the first one is done, any issue we tackle and move on until we reach the goal. Our conversations can be here, on phone or Skype, we will move quick or slow according to what's possible for you.

I cannot accept all artists. Inbox me

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Add you on my website info as my Manager?
    Soon when my firm is set up. Although I choose not to provide my personal details for professional reasons, this does not alter my effectiveness towards booking you shows, getting you fans, getting you meetings with record labels etc. I can provide all of this work while being 100 percent anonymous
  • Do you manage any genre artists?
    I have experience in the main genres, unless yours is really particular like a bagpipe specialist, you'll be fine. PLEASE INBOX ME FIRST for long term management, I only have enough time for certain amount of artists and I have to choose them wisely based on how I can help.
  • Do I have to have a fan base already before working with you?
    If you have one already good, if not I can find out why and work on fixing the issues stopping you from reaching an audience.
  • Do you provide industry contacts for artist to utilize?
    What's the point of a manager who doesn't share his network?
  • Do you help with marketing and social media?
    I sure do, once you have a product that's ready to push, I help with marketing all the way until results are shown. I go as far as handling press outlets and offer social media verification badges to legitimize your brand.
  • If I just need help with marketing can you provide just that service?
    Absolutely as long as the material seems promising we can jump to bigger moves. Not every artist is ready to be promoted right away, but if you happen to be, great!
  • What if someone wants to collaborate with me what do I do?
    We speak about it and if it's a good move for you career wise we take the opportunity if not we politely decline.
  • Can I call your number anytime?
    Absolutely, simply just make your order through fiverr and give me a ring. For example you want to ask me a question you pay fiverr and call me. If you have one of my bigger plans you can call at random during the allotted time.