I will send you the letters to repair your credit

send you the letters to repair your credit

About This Gig

our powerful credit repair documents are all you need to dispute and win against both creditors and credit bureaus.

Attorney written with a 90% success rate, see images above for proof!  

You will receive 5 written letters: 

1.   Collection agency validation 

2.   Intent to file legal action 

3.  Remove hard inquires 



$10 more I will provide you your gig one day early

$20 more I will prepare your validation letters, dispute letters and deletion letters for all 3 credit bureaus!  1 gig extra = 1 collection account.  

These are the best  credit repair letters available, with proven success. You would pay an attorney $500+ to get these letters! 

Order now and start improving your FICO immediately...same system most credit repair companies charge thousands for.

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3 days delivery