I will animate your 2D character

animate your 2D character
animate your 2D character
animate your 2D character
animate your 2D character
Elokuvani 2
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by kstempson 3 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by jkstall 3 months ago
animate your 2D character
animate your 2D character
animate your 2D character
animate your 2D character
Elokuvani 2

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Description 5 character animations 15 character animations 50 character animations
  I'll deliver 5 animations of your desire I'll deliver 15 animations of your desire I'll deliver all 50 different animations!
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About This Gig

Do you need smooth 2D character animations? Is your character human(ish)? If you said yes to both questions I'm your guy!

I will provide you a bunch of animations. Animations can include different types of character movements from the animation list below with or without weapons. Animation frames will be delivered in sprite sheets and .png files.

From you I'll need an image of your character and separate .png files of it's movable body parts and weapons. Body parts should be named and they should not include any unnecessary blank space. Provide also a desired framerate and the list of desired animations.


  1. block
  2. block hit
  3. celebration
  4. climb down
  5. climb idle
  6. climb up
  7. crouch idle
  8. crouch walk
  9. edge climb
  10. edge idle
  11. falling
  12. floor get up
  13. floor idle
  14. gun reload
  15. gun reload 2
  16. gun shoot
  17. hit
  18. hit big
  19. idle
  20. idle tired
  21. jump
  22. jump 2
  23. land
  24. machine gun reload
  25. machine gun shoot
  26. melee swing 1
  27. melee swing 2
  28. melee swing 3
  29. melee swing 1 full body
  30. melee swing 2 full body
  31. melee swing 3 full body
  32. pistol far shoot
  33. pistol near shoot
  34. pull
  35. pull idle
  36. punch 1
  37. punch 2
  38. punch 3
  39. push
  40. push idle
  41. roll
  42. run
  43. run 2
  44. skid
  45. swim
  46. swim idle
  47. walk
  48. walk 2
  49. wall idle
  50. wall jump

Your animation is not on the list? Don't worry! Send me a message and tell me what you need :)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you animate my alien character?
    No problem If it has two legs, two hands and one head :)
  • Can you animate my spider character?
    Send me a message and I'll make you a custom offer.
  • I need 5 animations from your list, but I also need a (slide t on the list. Can you help me?
    Yes I can! Just buy the basic package and add a custom animation from my gig extras.
  • How many body part images do you need?
    I'll manage with one image where there are hands, legs, a torso and a head completely visible. In that case the character animations seem quite elastic. I'll manage better if hands, legs, the torso and the head are in separate .png files.