I will help you with my wide range of talents

help you with my wide range of talents

About This Gig

I am a college student staying international business and a minor in digital media marketing. Two passions of mine, I have a focus in languages and social media marketing, which is where I have some of my skills from, while learning others on my own or from others. Not only that I am an aspiring model in the Texas area, so I am very familiar with fashion and beauty related tasks. Which definitely shows up in my blog that I run, which is primarily focuses on business and fashion/beauty. As well as I am working on a youtube channel which I am excited about.I have many different skills, and always learning more so when it comes to completing different tasks I am always open minded and doing the best that I can do. If anything business or fashion/beauty related that you are looking for assistant for, I may just be the right person you are looking for!

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